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Chaplin, une iconographie plurielle

Chaplin, une iconographie plurielle is Ecole-Musée’s 45th issue of its teaching manual. It is based on the Charlie Chaplin photographic archive, added to the Musée de l’Elysée’s collection in 2011. The manual addresses teachers, and pupils between 11 and 18 years. Conceived with a particular focus on visual arts and art history, it can also be used by generalist teachers. With its different methods, the manual invites the pupils to observe, classify and interpret different photographs in order to understand their use and symbolic significance. This approach permits to develop analytical skills applied to photography and its historical interplay with the film industry. With minor adaptations, it can also be addressed to primary schools. During their visit, the youngest pupils can manipulate the images (modern prints), and, once back in the classroom, participate in a passionate challenge: compose their first Charlie Chaplin cover.

For further information and registration, please contact Afshan Heuer, Head of Educational Programs. This teaching manual can also be downloaded at:

The Musée de l’Elysée receives generous support from the Fondation Sandoz for its pedagogical activities surrounding the Charlie Chaplin photographic archive. For the conservation and the promotion of the Chaplin Photographic Archive, the museum receives the support of the Canton de Vaud and Office fédéral de la culture, of the Fondation BNP Paribas Suisse, of the Fondation Coromandel, of the Fondation Leenaards and of the Fondation Le Cèdre.


Chaplin, une iconographie plurielle | Dossier pédagogique (pdf - french)
Corpus des illustrations
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