Sundays behind the scenes

© Mike Sommer

Every first Sunday of the month, the museum invites you to “Sundays behind the scenes” from 2pm-5pm, an event for all and without registration.

From 2pm to 5pm : Discover the museum’s well-kept secrets and what goes on behind the scenes, and talk to professionals about the museum’s various occupations. An Education Department representative will answer all your questions about the move to new museum.

At 3pm: the Conservations & Collections Teams will tell you stories about the collections’ history.

Sunday 6th October
Jan Groover and her noble and explosive printing technique!

With Emilie Delcambre-Hirsch, curator of the exhibition Jan Groover et Pau Maynés, art restorer at the Musée de l'Elysée.

Sunday 3rd November
The Collections Conduct an Inquiry
With Christelle Michel, assistant in the Collections Department.

Sunday 1st December
Deep down in the Jane Groover's archives
With Mathilde Serra, archivist.

Sunday 5th January
Tell me more about your collection

With Nora Mathys, head of the Collections Department.