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Tatyana Franck


Laurence Hanna-Daher | Executive Assistant

Jessica Maillard | Administration Assistant

Sinje Kappes | Administrator

Margarida Ramalho | Accountant

Maria Roche | Accountant assistant

Collections and exhibitions

Mélanie Bétrisey | René Burri Collection Coordinator, Curator Assistant, Collections department

Corinne Coendoz-Fazan | Art Collections Manager, Collections department

Emilie Delcambre-Hirsch | Exhibitions department Assistant

Marc Donnadieu | Curator in Chief, Exhibitions department

Lydia Dorner | Curator Assistant, Exhibitions department

Nora Mathys | Curator, Head of collections

Pau Maynés | Restaurateur

Pauline Martin | Curator

Christelle Michel | Assistant, Collections department

Pascale Pahud | Documentalist, Collections department

Anthony Rochat | Digitization Assistant, Collections department

Carole Sandrin | Curator, Charlie Chaplin Archive, Collections department

Emilie Schmutz | Nuit des images Coordinator, Exhibitions department Assistant

Lars Willumeit | Curator


Ludivine Alberganti | Digital Content Manager

Maria Amendola | Communication coordinator

Julie Maillard | Head of communication

Manuel Sigrist | Web and new media manager

External affairs

Pascal Hufschmid | Head of external affairs

Hannah Pröbsting | External Affairs Coordinator

Anastasia Nicolier | External Affairs Coordinator

Arts outreach initiative and guides

Chus Diaz Bacchetta | Guide

Stéphane Chapuis | Education, guide

Afshan Heuer | Cultural Mediation Manager

Stephan Holenstein | Guide

Ludovica Pacciani | Education

Passerelle culturelle

Raquel Pérez Baena | Passerelle Culturelle Coordinator

Magali Stoller | Coordination Assistant

Bookstore and editing

Sylviane Amey | Editorial Coordinator  

Nathalie Choquard | Bookshop Manager

Charlotte Jud | Librarian



Technical assistance

Donovan Cantoni | Museum's Technician

Michèle Guibert | Workshop Assistant

Yannick Luthy | Technical Assistant

Simira Räbsamen | Museography and Logistic Manager


Roxana Casareski | Reception Hostess

Stéphanie Jacot-Descombes | Reception and event coordinator

Miguel Meneses | Reception Host

Mathilda Olmi | Reception Hostess

Luca Reut | Reception Host