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Tatyana Franck


Laurence Hanna-Daher | Executive Assistant

Jessica Maillard | Administration Assistant

Sinje Kappes | Administrator

Margarida Ramalho | Accountant

Maria Roche | Accountant assistant

Fenia | Future assistance dog

Collections and exhibitions

Due to the temporary closure of the Museum between October 2020 and October 2021 and the work required to move the works in the collections, all requests for research, loans or reproductions of images for publication are suspended. We will be happy to meet your needs again in our offices at PLATEFORME 10 starting at the end of May 2022. We thank you very much for your understanding.

Mélanie Bétrisey | René Burri Collection Coordinator, Curator Assistant, Collections department

Corinne Coendoz-Fazan | Art Collections Manager, Collections department

Aurélien Cotting  | Restoration technician

Emilie Delcambre Hirsch | Exhibitions department Assistant

Marc Donnadieu | Curator in Chief, Exhibitions department

Lydia Dorner | Curator Assistant, Exhibitions department

Nora Mathys | Curator, Head of collections

Pau Maynés Tolosa | Restorer

Pauline Martin | Curator

Elisa Murcia Artengo | Restoration technician

Christelle Michel | Assistant, Collections department

Pascale Pahud | Documentalist, Collections department

Hannah Pröbsting | Traveling Exhibitions and External Projects Manager

Anthony Rochat | Digitization Assistant, Collections department

Nadine Reding | Restorer

Carole Sandrin | Curator, Charlie Chaplin Archive, Collections department

Grégoire Savary | Restoration technician

Mathilde Serra | De Jongh Collection Assistant

Emilie Schmutz | Nuit des images Coordinator, Exhibitions department Assistant

Lars Willumeit | Curator


Maria Amendola | Communication coordinator

Julie Dayer | Digital Content Assistant

Julie Maillard | Head of communication

Manuel Sigrist | Web and new media manager

External affairs

Adèle Aschehoug | Head of fundraising

Caroline Gilliard | External Affairs Coordinator 

Public Experience and Cultural Outreach

Chus Diaz Bacchetta | Guide

Roxana Casareski | Reception Hostess

Stéphane Chapuis | Education, guide

Magali Dougoud | Reception Hostess

Sophie Ferloni | Public Experience and Cultural Outreach, Manager

Maxime Genoud | Reception Host

Stephan Holenstein | Guide

Stéphanie Jacot-Descombes | Reception and event coordinator

Miguel Meneses | Reception Host

Benjamin Michelet | Reception Host

Ludovica Pacciani | Guide

Iréna Pandazis | Reception Hostess

Passerelle culturelle

Raquel Pérez Baena | Passerelle Culturelle Coordinator

Magali Stoller | Coordination Assistant

Bookstore and editing

Sylviane Amey | Editorial Coordinator  

Nathalie Choquard | Bookshop Manager

Charlotte Jud | Librarian

Stéphane Mocan | Digitization Assistant

Technical assistance

Donovan Cantoni | Museum's Technician

Michèle Guibert | Workshop Assistant

Yannick Luthy | Technical Assistant

Simira Räbsamen | Museography and Logistic Manager