Tereza Zelenková

Tereza Zelenková

Czech Republic, born in 1985

Taking as her starting point the “critical dictionary” compiled by the French writer and philosopher Georges Bataille (1897 – 1962) for the Surrealist review Documents (1929 – 1931), Tereza Zelenkova realises a work in a similar vein that combines writings and conventional photo prints produced over a number of years. In his articles Bataille associated text and image in order both to provide a concrete description of the various themes and objects addressed and to differentiate his approach from that of traditional academia. Zelenkova’s project is a more personal take using a similar method. The words or terms selected are defined by a text in which factual explanation is interlarded with more private concerns and illustrated by a juxtaposition of several improbable-looking photographs, in what is a common Surrealist practice. The influence of this art movement is also underscored by the name of the series, The Absence of Myth, the title chosen for the English edition of a collection of Bataille’s writings on Surrealism.

Photography Programme, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom, 2010 – 2012
University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom, 2007 – 2010




Tereza Zelenkova, Freud’s Study, from the series The Absence of Myth, 2013
Double-page spread of the book
23,5 x 35 cm
© Tereza Zelenkova

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