Sara Skorgan Teigen

Sara Skorgan Teigen

Norway, born in 1984

The artist’s book entitled Fractal State of Being is constructed as a poem that explores the inner stirrings of the human soul. Combining photographs, notes, and drawings, Sara Skorgan Teigen revisits the tradition of the sketchbook: ancillary works often relegated by art historians to the status of mere documents, these sorts of materials, in addition containing an artist’s sketches and preparatory drawings, amount to a more or less partial anthology of her annotations and sources of inspiration. Teigen then illustrates her own personal feelings — extremely abstract and fleeting, for most part — in the form of hybrid documents comprised primarily of photographs of stony and watery landscapes in which she “lays herself bare” in series of tableaux. Over these images she draws skeins of words, plant forms, and locks of hair, in both pencil and ink. Leitmotivs that recur on each double page, these organic- looking drawings also seem to resonate with the title of the project. From the Latin fractus, meaning “broken,” the term “fractal” designates an extremely indented geometrical object, in which a basic structure repeats itself endlessly at every scale. This reference to mathematics reinforces the fragmentary nature of Sara Skorgan Teigen’s work, already manifest in the choice of the sketchbook structure.


ICP — International Center of Photography, New York, NY, United States, 2011 – 2012
Fatamorgana — The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008 – 2009



Sara Skorgan Teigen, Fractal State of Being, 2012
Double page de la publication
29,5 x 41,5 cm
© Sara Skorgan Teigen

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