Robert Mainka

Robert Mainka

Poland, born in 1990

A series containing more than a hundred photographs, Lavish Fields undertakes the metaphorical description of four elements inherent to human nature: desire, thought, feeling, and the body. In composing what is a kaleidoscopic and theatrical construction, Robert Mainka takes as his starting point his immediate environment. The themes chosen are expressed in various media: painting, sculpture, exterior and studio photography. If each of the featured images seems to represent a particular situation and possesses a specific meaning, they remain ambivalent and mysterious; nonetheless, in spite of their disparity, they follow a coherent sequence in which circular forms counterbalance bright colours. The title of the piece makes explicit reference to the poem The Waste Land, written between the wars by the American writer T. S. Eliot (1888 – 1965). A key monument of modern poetry, this epic of 434 lines, particularly experimental in its form, interlards symbolism with the systematic recourse to literary and cultural allusion. Deploying fragmentation and juxtaposition, Mainka revisits the disjointed structure of Eliot’s magnum opus, switching abruptly and repeatedly from one character or atmosphere to the next.

The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź, Poland, since 2011


Robert Mainka, Lavish Fields, 2014
Installation (wallpapers, objects)
Various dimensions
© Robert Mainka

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