Piotr Zbierski

Piotr Zbierski

Poland, born in 1987

Love has to be Reinvented is a multimedia installation that explores the domain of the intimate in a combination of photography, video, and audio. The predominance of close-up corresponds to Zbierski’s stated ambition “to get closer to life and to people, to be able to look them straight in the eye.” To this end, the artist, often with a touch of wistfulness or fantasy, treats his photographic practice as a means of materializing human feelings. By opting for photographic techniques and media from the past — gelatine silver film, Polaroid for its colour, archive pictures for the video — Zbierski accentuates a dreamlike atmosphere in which lack of focus seems motivated by the desire to capture the “image behind the image,” to seize those instants when the unconscious fleetingly re-emerges and floats back to the surface. It is then no surprise to hear the artist confessing to being deeply moved by a fragment from Jean Cocteau’s diaries in which the poet compares the “world of his dreams” to a second life, possessed of its own storehouse of memories. As for knowing which has priority, looking or remembering, waking or sleeping, the photographer does not say.


The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź, Poland, since 2006


Piotr Zbierski, from the series Love Has to Be Reinvented, 2012 – 2015
Installation (inkjet prints, 60 x 60 cm; Polaroids, 10,8 x 8,8 cm and video, 38’52’’)
© Piotr Zbierski

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