Magdalena Baranya

Magdalena Baranya

Switzerland, born in 1981

For her series Dust Catcher, Magdalena Baranya sought inspiration from the knickknacks, commonly called “dust traps,” which adorn the interiors of holiday homes. After building up a kind of visual archive with photographs of the ornaments found in vacation apartments, she then disposed the objects in almost obsessively repetitive patterns, creating multi-coloured graphic compositions that take the form of carpets or wallpaper. At first sight, the overloaded aesthetics of the furnishings designed by Baranya seems to refer back to the outmoded decor of the average short-let apartment. Yet, despite the profusion of the objects appearing within it, the weave structure allows every element featured to be clearly distinguished. The arrangement chosen derives from the traditional quadripartite division of the Persian garden, defined according to their conception of the Garden of Eden. Through this reference to Paradise, in combination with the accumulative nature of works comprised of nondescript objects, Baranya challenges the wasteful, excessive character of present-day consumer society more broadly.


ZHdK — Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste, Zurich, Switzerland, 2010 – 2015
F+F Schule fur Kunst und Design Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 1998 – 2001


Magdalena Baranya, Carpet II (print on silk, 165 x 105 cm) [p. 7] and Floor II (wallpaper [detail], 110 x 270 cm) [pp. 8 – 9], from the series Dust Catcher, 2015
© Magdalena Baranya

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