Loan Nguyen

Loan Nguyen

Switzerland/France, born in 1977

First and foremost, Le chemin de l’eau [The path of water] is a record of a story about a group of hikers on an ill-fated excursion through the Vaud Alps: trapped on a steep path from which there is no way down, they eventually had to be rescued by the emergency services. Loan Nguyen’s interest centres on the act of performance: in the presence of the gallery-goers, the artist recites testimony from one of the missing women that tells of her misfortune and that of her companions on the excursion, all the while folding and unfolding a large, physical map in time with the story and with the mounting tension between the imprudent ramblers. If video thus becomes a tool for documenting the performance, the map, complete with the bumps and creases left by the new folds, affords its tangible trace.

The piece is supplemented by material gathered from a visit Loan Nguyen made to the scene of the hike: photographing various objects she found there, which, as she sees it, constitute evidence for the narrative (bits of wood, puddles, pebbles), she has gradually assembled a purely imaginary inventory of memories.


HEAD Genève — Haute école d’art et de design de Genève, Switzerland, since 2012
CEPV — Ecole de photographie de Vevey, Vevey, Switzerland, 1997 – 2000



Loan Nguyen, Le chemin de l’eau, 2014 Filmed performance 10’ © Loan Nguyen — HEAD

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