Karl Isakson

Karl Isakson

Sweden, born in 1983

In Home, 1000 Photographs, Karl Isakson’s interest is directed to the question of recording the real and to the documentary function of photography. The subject is his own house; the exercise — an exhaustive representation of this familiar environment. Over a three-month period, Isakson took a thousand photographs of every last detail of his home. He then edited the series as 16-mm film footage and projected at 24 frames a second. The choice of video for the images evokes the process that created the series, as well as its almost obsessive character, while opting for a mode of projection dating from the 1970s adds a certain materiality to the experiment. Moreover, showing a thousand images condensed into a mere three-minute video loop, in such a compact format, ensures the spatial and temporal continuity of the series. Through such operations, the work is less something the beholder deciphers than something that imposes a visual experience upon him, thereby exposing the fraught.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, since 2009




Karl Isakson, Home 1000 Photographs, 2011
16 mm film loop
© Karl Isakson

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