Karel Koplimets

Tereza Zelenková

Estonia, born in 1986

Statistics inform us that the majority of homicides in Estonia are committed on private property and, for the most part, the perpetrator is well known to their victim. Those responsible are frequently under the influence of alcohol and act without premeditation, grabbing the first weapon that comes to hand. Following on from a previous piece, Suburbs of Fear (2012), which already dealt with insecurity in the outskirts of several Estonian cities, Karel Koplimets continues his investigation of the mechanics of fear, a social phenomenon he evokes in diverse media. Here the artist conducts viewers through an installation featuring video, a sequence of silver prints, and body bags so they can experience for themselves the menace of crime and brutally confronting them with its disastrous consequences. Yet a threshold has clearly been crossed: if Suburbs of Fear was set in dark alleyways at night, this new work leaves the city streets to enter the home, thus suggesting that the threat lurks everywhere and that it is perhaps nearer than one thinks.

Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia, 2005 – 2013
FAMU — Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007 – 2008



Karel Koplimets, Case N° 8. You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties, 2014
Installation (gelatin silver prints, 28,5 × 38,5 cm; video, 15’13’’ and body bags)
Various dimensions
© Karel Koplimets

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