Jennifer B. Thoreson

Jennifer B. Thoreson

United States, born in 1979

Jennifer B. Thoreson’s art revisits themes associated with human fragility, pain, vulnerability, and disease — and, finally, with the resilience that suffering can bring to the fore. Focusing on the complexity of relationships — ties of blood, as well as love and friendship —, the American photographer’s interest focuses on that particular moment when catastrophe lurks just around the corner, when relationships are pushed to breaking point by the vagaries of existence, when the burden seems so heavy that it threatens to drag you down. 

To create her series Testament, Thoreson rented an empty house, spending almost a year converting it into a makeshift sanctuary that serves as a backdrop to her painstakingly devised scenes. The objects appearing in the image are manufactured out of wool, clay, beeswax, or even human hair — a choice of materials that alludes to the symbolic language of the Bible. While the sculptures reference the artist’s childhood, the house too resembles a home in rural Texas — a place of strict religion and discipline in which Thoreson spent her early years.

UNM – University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, Nouveau Mexique, Etats-Unis, 2011 – 2014
University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, Etats-Unis, 1998 – 2001


Jennifer B. Thoreson, Cancer; Hair Cloak; Soulmates; Little Baby; Inseparable from the series Testament, 2014
Inkjet prints
40 x 50 cm
© Jennifer B. Thoreson

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