Jan Brykczyński

Jan Brykczyński

Poland, born in 1979

Jan Brykczyński’s series of photographs entitled Boiko introduces us to the everyday life of an almost legendary ethnic group that have settled on the borders of the Ukraine in the Carpathian mountain range. Since no one member wields total control over the frontiers of his land, it seems as if this group has evolved in a territory with uncertain limits, chronologically as well as geographically. In pictures that are highly individual in terms both of atmosphere and colour, Brykczyński seeks to return us to the past, to a world where time seems suspended and people are preoccupied with ancestral acts and objects that have long vanished from elsewhere. As Polish photographer freely confesses, his intention in visiting the Boikos was to experience for himself the ideal of rural life in a primordial, perfect form. The photographic series testifies to an experience during which Brykczyński immersed himself in a universe where, it is said, events can be caused by sorcery, where white magic rubs shoulders with black, and where good is never very far from evil. A paradoxical world, which Jan Brykczyński used to know only from folktales told him when he was a child, and which, in order to create this series, he spent almost three years tracking down among the Boikos.

Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, since 2013
The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Łódź, Poland, 2002 – 2005


Jan Brykczyński, from the series Boiko, 2009 – 2011
Inkjet prints
36 x 45 cm
© Jan Brykczyński

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