Irene Muñoz Martin

Irene Muñoz Martin

Spain, born in 1991

Madrid, November 20, 1975. For the very first time, Spain plays host to the 7th World Eurhythmics Championships. On the same day, comes news of the death of the dictator, Franco. In her video work, Irene Muñoz Martin confronts these two concomitant events, using a fictional account of her mother’s presence in the crowd at the competition to set up a dialogue between them. Representing an entire generation that grew up under Franco, the then young woman becomes a function of the debate that sprung up during the four-day event that witnessed the turning of an important page in the nation’s history.

The video’s hypnotic voiceover intones observations on a society whose national identity was shaken to its foundations by Franco’s death, echoing in the process the Hispanic artist’s concerns some forty years later as to how collective memories are constructed. So as to address the issues that interest her, Muñoz Martin’s artistic practice (video, photography) often couples art and autobiography and her pieces chiefly originate from personal experience — her own or that of others. Assembled from archive film and more recent, personal photographs, La Vague [The Wave] seeks to understand how we retroactively apprehend history in accordance with what has been handed down to us, as well as  with our own memories and life experiences. “Showing us through metaphor,” the artist concludes, “how recollecting and reactivating our memory amounts, in fact, to a kind of mental gymnastics.”

HEAD Genève – Haute école d’art et de design de Genève, Suisse, depuis 2012
UCM – Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Espagne, 2009 – 2013

Irene Muñoz Martin, La Vague, 2014
Video 13’08’’

© Irene Muñoz Martin — HEAD
Photographs by Marino Borga from La Vague
© Marino Borga

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