Giacomo Bianchetti

Giacomo Bianchetti

Switzerland, born in 1982

Subtitled “an experimental device to test the limits of power,” the series Can I? by the Swiss Giacomo Bianchetti investigates the relationship between the twenty companies quoted on the SMI (Swiss Market Index) and the concept of public space. Bianchetti employs his chosen medium to personally confront these corporations, whose ultimate purpose is to generate profit, even if this sometimes means employing ethically dubious means. His action consists in placing himself on the public highway, just in front of the entrance to the headquarters of each firm, on the very edge of their private property. Armed with a large-format camera — selected as much for its visibility as for aesthetic reasons — Bianchetti’s act is one any citizen might make and comparable to a perfectly normal request for information, if more noticeable and more deliberate. This direct, physical face-off with power aroused reactions of astonishment, outrage even. The texts accompanying these architectural views recall the subsequent interactions (or the lack thereof), in what amounts to a critique of Switzerland’s legendary laconism and its preoccupation with discretion and anonymity.

CEPV — Ecole de photographie de Vevey, Vevey, Switzerland, 2010 – 2013


Giacomo Bianchetti, ZFS, from the series Can I?, 2012
Inkjet print
50 x 40 cm
© Giacomo Bianchetti — CEPV

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