Emily Macinnes

Emily Macinnes

United Kingdom, born in 1989

Begun in 2012, Emily Macinnes’s project deals with the rarely broached issue of sexual abuse committed on men. Travelling through the United Kingdom and meeting male victims, the young Scottish photographer and journalist collects statements and confessions that had sometimes remained unsaid until her intervention. With a consummate command of the art of portraiture in both image and word, the profound sense of dignity with which Macinnes endows this singularly powerful series is most impressive. If her work casts light on the sheer amount of sexual abuse carried out on males, beneath the surface it is the shame and secrecy surrounding this scourge that transpires most forcefully. Paradise Lost: Testimonies of Abuse also confronts a prevalent discrepancy in attitude with respect to men, often perceived uniquely as perpetrators of abuse and seldom as victims. In tackling head-on such a traumatic theme in a candid yet sensitive manner, Macinnes lifts the veil on a widespread social phenomenon. Her choice of a title derived from John Milton’s epic, which endeavours to “justify the ways of God to men,” only stresses more acutely the unjustifiable nature of such acts that coincide, surely, with the loss of the paradise of childhood.

NTU — Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2009 – 2012



Emily Macinnes, Anthony (44), Patrick (53), and Mark (64) from the series Paradise Lost: Testimonies of Abuse, 2013
Inkjet prints
30 x 30 cm
© Emily Macinnes

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