Emile Barret

Emile Barret

France, born in 1989

LLIAISONS unveils a baroque and exuberant world born from a profusion of related images that invade every component in the installation — cabin, fabric, seat, computer. Born in London in the course of an artists’ residency in which Emile Barret took part, the project is the fruit of a collaboration between several visual artists. A visual construction saturated with references, LLIAISONS invites visitors, as its creator puts it, to “stroll” among an array of photographs, installations, films, performances, sounds, and sculptures created in synergy during an episode of collective creation. The video game designed by the artist on that occasion proposes a disturbing “circuit” through the pictures, the aim being one of total sensory and perceptual destabilization. “Augmented reality,” allowing digital images to be superimposed simultaneously over reality and creating an interface between the real world and virtual data, is today a rapidly evolving concept: Emile Barret’s version is intensely personal and artistic. His work thus conducts viewers through a fantastical and theatrical virtual environment that plugs in directly to the photographer’s imagination.

With Philippe-Albert Lefevbre and Ana Varela, Nadine Capdevielle and Bruno Barret, Maya Rochat, Florian Luthy, Florence Jung and Nicolas Leuba, Fabrice Schneider, Romain Mader, (Music for) Eggplant, Julien Grémaud, K3.14COUZ, Paul Barret and Raphaël Faure, Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek and Félix Salasca, Baptiste Gratzmuller, and Karolina Kula.


ECAL — University of Art and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008 – 2012
Ateliers de Sèvres, Paris, France, 2007 – 2008




Emile Barret, LLIAISONS, 2015
Installation (print on fabric, video game)
Various dimensions
© LLIAISONS, Emile Barret & Co

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