Constance & Philippine Proux

Constance & Philippine Proux

France, born in 1991 and in 1986

The Akkar project is the product of the collaboration between two sisters, Constance and Philippine, both motivated by the desire to address an issue at once topical and dramatic: that of refugees fleeing to escape conflict and desperate to improve their lives. Rejecting sweeping statements and facile platitudes, in constructing their polymorphic view of the problem the sisters appropriate the classic codes of documentary. The project initially saw the light of day as a book.

By the time they had collected testimonies from many Syrian and Lebanese refugees and recorded their extraordinary personal accounts and life stories, the Proux sisters had amassed a substantial corpus they were determined to transmit in their turn. Condensing countless hours of conversation into a brief text recounting the subject’s journey and exile, the written material is underpinned visually by photographs: portraits, objects, and landscapes. In the end, it seems not to matter whether the words are a commentary on the images or vice versa.

Once in the exhibition space, the project morphs into a fully fledged installation. Leaving the printed page, the images line the walls, while the texts become scattered words, thereby complementing the photographs and rekindling the debate around the complex text/image relationship.

Constance Proux :
ESA LE 75 School Supérieure des Arts, Bruxelles, Belgique, 2012 – 2014
ERG – School de recherche graphique, Bruxelles, Belgique, 2011 – 2012
Université de Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France, 2008 – 2011

Philippine Proux :
School Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France, depuis 2013
School Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France, 2007 – 2013


Constance & Philippine Proux, Akkar, 2014
Double-page spread from the book
23,5 × 30,5 cm
© Constance & Philippine Proux

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