Anna Gutová & Gabriel Fragner

Anna Gutová & Gabriel Fragner

Czech Republic, born in 1977 and in 1973

The installation I Love My Family is a machine that lets us go back in time. Everything it contains — from the outmoded clothes, via the poses and hairstyles of the protagonists, to the detailing of the decor —, everything reminds us of a bygone and yet oddly familiar era. The wallpaper pattern, the way the furniture is arranged, the miscellaneous photo frames… Nothing, however small, is left to chance. This, then, is the universe recreated by the artist tandem of Anna Gutová and Gabriel Fragner: viewers are invited to make their way into a “front room” where they experience for themselves a day in the life of a typical family in former totalitarian Czechoslovakia. Derived from their own childhood memories, Gutová and Fragner play at mummy and daddy in a series of photographs one would be proud to have unearthed in one’s own attic. Yet, these outdated interiors also serve to show how nothing ever really changes. The stereotypes, whatever they may be, live on. Because, as Gutová and Fragner themselves conclude: “Life’s moments are always the same; they only happen in different times.”


Anna Gutova:
Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, 2004 – 2013

Gabriel Fragner:
Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, since 2004


Anna Gutova & Gabriel Fragner, I Love My Family, 2011 – 2012
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© Anna Gutova & Gabriel Fragner

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