Nuit des images

Save the date for June 25, 2016, starting 4pm.

In 2016, the Nuit des images invites you to enjoy the view… of the sea, with a film by Sophie Calle; of the lake, with our exceptional Obscurama; of the wonderland in Brigitte Lustenberger’s projected images; of contemporary creation with the Prix Elysée ; and of photography’s details in an installation by Chassary&Belarbi. You can also sharpen your focus by examining the works of Christian Marclay, David Douglas Duncan and Suzi Pilet, or amaze yourself by creating your own photograms and a collective work with Martin Becka. Keep your eyes wide open and don’t forget your ears as, once again, the Musée de l’Elysée has decided to treat you to something special!

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Future Ruins 2015

Installation by Romain Tardy