reGeneration3 - Artist of the day

Every five years, the Musée de l'Elysée dedicates itself to emerging photographers from around the world who are just out of school. The third edition of this project - reGeneration3 - just opened to the public and is particularly multidisciplinary.

Everyday at 3:15pm, for the first 50 days of the exhibition, discover the creative mind of each of the 50 artists in the show through short videos and interviews. enjoy!

Sara Skorgan Teigen

Friday, July 17

The artist’s book entitled Fractal State of Being is constructed as a poem that explores the inner stirrings of the human soul.

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Magdalena Baranya

Thursday, July 16

For her series Dust Catcher, Magdalena Baranya sought inspiration from the knickknacks, commonly called “dust traps,” which adorn the interiors of holiday homes.

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Joona Kina

Wednesday, July 15

In 1956 René Magritte declared: “A thing which is present can be invisible, hidden by what it shows.” It is an aphorism that perfectly sums up the work of Jonna Kina.

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Emile Barret

Tuesday, July 14

LLIAISONS unveils a baroque and exuberant world born from a profusion of related images that invade every component in the installation — cabin, fabric, seat, computer.

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Sinan Tuncay

Monday, July 13

Public Intimacy is a series of five photographic tableaux directly inspired by the pictorial style of the miniatures illustrating the great manuscripts of the Ottoman Empire from the fifteenth-century.

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Emilie De Battista

Sunday, July 12

Deploying an extremely poetic, almost melancholic idiom, the Swiss artist Emilie De Battista explores the intrinsic relationship of the concept of memory to photography.

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Rachel Cox

Saturday, July 11

n Shiny Ghost, Rachel Cox investigates her growing relationship with her dying grandmother as she gradually lost her battle against a degenerative brain disease.

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Anna Gutová & Gabriel Fragner

Friday, July 10

The installation I Love My Family is a machine that lets us go back in time. Everything it contains — from the outmoded clothes, via the poses and hairstyles of the protagonists, to the detailing of the decor —, everything reminds us of a bygone and yet oddly familiar era. 

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Laurence Rasti

Thursday, July 9

Whereas more and more Western countries authorise marriage between people of the same sex, in Iran homosexuality is still punishable by death. Since it is considered pathological, transsexuality remains the only practice tolerated by law, and as such it has become the sole option for citizens who choose to stay.

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Jacinthe Robillard

Wednesday, July 8

Without informing them of her intentions, the artist invites some friends and relations to a performance. Seated at a table facing the camera, they are then asked to make an origami in accordance with the sequence of folds indicated on a panel set up in front of them.

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Li Zhi

Tuesday, July 7

The photowork Lunar Crater presents a replica of the craters that cover the Moon’s surface. In studio, the artist reconstructs its geological features out of a plaster powder refined through a sieve, using wads of cotton and a syringe filled with air.

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Mohit Bhatia

Monday, July 6

Mohit Bhatia’s photo series questions the reading offered by the ISKCON  movement of the Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit poem whose title means literally “Song of the Blessed One” that constitutes one of the main textual sources of Hindu wisdom. Bhatia photographs present tableaux inspired by Plato’s allegory of the cave.

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Emily Macinnes

Sunday, July 5

Begun in 2012, Emily Macinnes’s project deals with the rarely broached issue of sexual abuse committed on men. Travelling through the United Kingdom and meeting male victims, the young Scottish photographer and journalist collects statements and confessions that had sometimes remained unsaid until her intervention.

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Simon RImaz

Friday, July 3

Following on from the series, Unusual View of Unknown Subjects, the project Etudes de vitesse [Studies of speed] by Simon Rimaz presents remnants of pictures for the press that remained on the cutting-room floor.

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Ola Lanko

Thursday, July 2

At the heart of this plethoric installation in which photographs collide with sculptures and objects, Ola Lanko is studying the encounter between two a priori antagonistic concepts: romanticism, which relates to the imagination and to the dream, and rationality, which deals in logic and reason.

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Loan Nguyen

Wednesday, July 1

irst and foremost, Le chemin de l’eau [The path of water] is a record of a story about a group of hikers on an ill-fated excursion through the Vaud Alps: trapped on a steep path from which there is no way down, they eventually had to be rescued by the emergency services.

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Marek Kucharski & Diana Lelonek

Tuesday, June 30

The artists Kucharski and Lelonek propose here a modern adaptation of the influential theory of the evolution of species proposed by naturalist Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882) by making physical modifications to his groundbreaking publication, On the Origin of Species, which appeared in 1859.

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Jennifer B. Thoreson

Monday, June 29

Jennifer B. Thoreson’s art revisits themes associated with human fragility, pain, vulnerability, and disease — and, finally, with the resilience that suffering can bring to the fore.

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Karl Isakson

Sunday, June 28

In Home, 1000 Photographs, Karl Isakson’s interest is directed to the question of recording the real and to the documentary function of photography. The subject is his own house; the exercise — an exhaustive representation of this familiar environment.

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Jung A Kim

Saturday, June 27

Pond of Silence reflects on the relationship between nature and humankind, presented as a series of about a hundred photoworks exploring the technique of the photogram.

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Ulrike Schmitz

Friday, June 26

Following the radical change of direction that led Ulrike Schmitz from the study of law to that of photography, the Museum of your Memory deals with a subject bound up as much with German history as with her own life.

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Veronika Geiger

Thursday, June 25

Works by multidisciplinary artist Veronika Geiger — photographs, video, and sculpture installations — investigate the concepts of gravity and time, with a predilection for themes such as the sky and the action of flying.

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Karel Koplimets

Wednesday, June 24

Statistics inform us that the majority of homicides in Estonia are committed on private property and, for the most part, the perpetrator is well known to their victim.

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Tereza Zelenková

Tuesday, June 23

Taking as her starting point the “critical dictionary” compiled by the French writer and philosopher Georges Bataille (1897 – 1962) for the Surrealist review Documents (1929 – 1931), Tereza Zelenkova realises a work in a similar vein that combines writings and conventional photo prints produced over a number of years.

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Robert Mainka

Monday, June 22

A series containing more than a hundred photographs, Lavish Fields undertakes the metaphorical description of four elements inherent to human nature: desire, thought, feeling, and the body.

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Silin Liu

Sunday, June 21

Céline Liu — the Westernised form of the artist’s name — is a series that began in 2012, when the Chinese photographer became interested in those charismatic figures of femininity who are now, in her eyes, universally recognized icons.

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Rachel Boillot

Saturday, June 20

In 2011, 3,653 post offices were shut down in the US, mainly in the Southern states, and, since then, the rate of closures has steadily accelerated.

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Piotr Zbierski

Friday, June 19

Love has to be Reinvented is a multimedia installation that explores the domain of the intimate in a combination of photography, video, and audio. The predominance of close-up corresponds to Zbierski’s stated ambition “to get closer to life and to people, to be able to look them straight in the eye.”

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Nobukho Nqaba

Thursday, June 18

Umaskhenkethe” is one of many terms in the Xhosa language spoken in Southern Africa to designate those Chinese-made plastic bags ubiquitous nowadays in low-income families.

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Michael Liani

Wednesday, June 17

The tautological character of the title of this film is deceptive: the thinking behind it is far less straightforward than it might lead one to believe. 

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Jae Hoon Lee

Tuesday, June 16

Jae Hoon Lee utilises digital photomontage to create landscapes. Presenting existing places or situations, the computer-altered images superimpose several photographs of the same site taken at different times.

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Harit Srikhao

Monday, June 15

As I walked down the stairs and looked for my way out, I saw a group of kids playing in a corner of the lobby. It was amazingly strange to see them running and playing in a place like this. I just stood there watching them for a long time.

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Emilio Pemjean

Sunday, June 14

Emilio Pemjean’s work centres on architectural interiors illustrated in paintings by old masters, from Vermeer to Velázquez. Simultaneously architect and photographer, Pemjean assembles reduced-scale models of famous pictorial compositions, from which he removes all objects and figures.

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Paul Samuels

Saturday, June 13

Named after the postcode for the unassuming Johannesburg suburb of Edenval, Paul Samuels’ series XVI X had its origin in an offer from the owner of a tattoo parlour with the district’s insignia on his ankle to do something similar for the young South African artist as a twenty-first birthday present.

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Martyna Pawlak

Friday, June 12

A multimedia series on digital identity, Following presents a gallery of portraits created from Twitter accounts. In order to question our daily digital experience, Martyna Pawlak turns the spotlight on the American social network, whose popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since its creation in 2006.

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Corinne Silva

Thursday, June 11

Rather than as a purely documentary record, the three parts that make up Imported Landscapes — the result of Corinne Silva’s discovery of the geomorphic similarities between the landscape of the south of Spain and that of Morocco — need to be approached as in situ installations.

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Matt Waples

Wednesday, June 9

Matt Waples’s concerns centre on the encounter between light and diverse photosensitive chemical compounds — the very process that spawned photography. For his series Colour Studies, Waples took as his starting point the dye transfer technique.

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Delphine Burtin

Tuesday, June 9

Through the object constructions and photographs in her installation Sans condition initiale [With no initial condition], Delphine Burtin’s pursues her conceptual investigations of the leitmotiv of the “visual accident.”

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Jan Brykczyński

Monday, June 8

Jan Brykczyński’s series of photographs entitled Boiko introduces us to the everyday life of an almost legendary ethnic group that have settled on the borders of the Ukraine in the Carpathian mountain range.

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Artur Gutowski

Sunday, June 7

Topeng Moyet (literally “masked monkey”) is a project centred on the “monkey shows” of Indonesia, which consist in exhibiting various primates trained to perform acrobatic numbers, such as driving a motorbike, using a mobile telephone, or saluting like a soldier.

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Michael Etzensperger

Saturday, June 6

La série de Michael Etzensperger met en scène la reproduction photographique d'une sculpture antique de Nike, déesse de la mythologie grecque, symbole de la victoire et du triomphe.

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Giacomo Bianchetti

Friday, June 5

Subtitled “an experimental device to test the limits of power,” the series Can I? by the Swiss Giacomo Bianchetti investigates the relationship between the twenty companies quoted on the SMI (Swiss Market Index) and the concept of public space.

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Elizabeth Hewson

Thursday, June 4

Photographs crystallize moments from our past; they leave a physical trace that recalls feelings and memories relating to a single instant frozen in the memory. But what is their significance when they record a moment longforgotten?

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Juuke Schoorl

Wednesday, June 3

In collaboration with choreographers Imre and Marne van Opstal, the photographer Juuke Schoorl presents a video piece mixing dance with references to the utilisation of photography in medicine.

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Benjamin Swanson

Tuesday, June 2nd

A cross between still-life photography and sculpture, The Conquest of Materials is conceived as a series of geometrical constructions — polystyrene spheres, copper tubes, octagons, paving-stones, etc.

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Constance & Philippine Proux

Monday, June 1

The Akkar project is the product of the collaboration between two sisters, Constance and Philippine, both motivated by the desire to address an issue at once topical and dramatic: that of refugees fleeing to escape conflict and desperate to improve their lives.

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Irene Muñoz Martin

Saturday, May 30

Madrid, November 20, 1975. For the very first time, Spain plays host to the 7th World Eurhythmics Championships. On the same day, comes news of the death of the dictator, Franco.

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Angélica Dass

Friday, May 29

Begun in 2012, the series Humanae by Angélica Dass consists in portraits presented without distinction of age, religion, nationality, gender, or social class of the hundreds of people who took part in her vast project.

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