Jacques Henri Lartigue

Life in Color

Tuesday to Sunday, 11pm - 6pm.
May 30 - September 23, 2018

Florette Lartigue, Megève, mars 1965
Photographie J. H. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture France/AAJHL

The exhibition Jacques Henri Lartigue. Life in Color reveals a totally unknown aspect of his work. Color photographs are omnipresent in his lifetime albums, yet they have never been shown or exhibited as such. Not only are the photographs presented for the first time or just about, but they also reveal an unknown facet of the artist.

The first autochromes made in 1912 reveal Lartigue as an idle and creative young man at home with his family. Games at the Château de Rouzat, winter sports and walks in the countryside were all occasions to show off (at the shutter) in a full range of living colors.

Lartigue was particularly sensitive to changes in nature that he glorified behind his lens and whose colors made every nuance possible. He was a collector all of his life: a collector of images, autographs, records, conquests, etc. It even seems that some of his subjects became an obsession. That is why we can find hundreds of images of poppies in his albums as well as views from his window in Opio - without forgetting images of Florette, his wife during 40 years.

As of the 1950s, Lartigue turned to the world, in color. He reinvents the works he did when he was young and fascinated by the beautiful women in the Bois de Boulogne and photographs anonymous, the color of Formica, the aprons of schoolchildren, parasols, etc.

Lartigue also left the ritual circuit of holidays spent at seaside resorts in Normandy, the Basque Country and the French Riviera to begin a series of trips, first in Italy where Florette had her origins, and then in the 1960s in America.

Opening on Tuesday, May 29, 6:00pm

Video by Messieurs.ch

Video by Messieurs.ch

« Florette », Monte-Carlo Beach, 1958
Photographie J. H. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture France/AAJHL

« Florette, Vence-Beausoleil, mai 1954 »
Photographie J. H. Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture France/AAJHL


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