Couverture : René Burri, collage "Giacometti", signé sur papier vélin d'Arches, 1976

Table of contents

1 - Terry Brown & Gordon Stettinius, Mangini Studio Series
Presented by Martin Parr

2 - Di Jinjun, Beijing Opera
Presented by Claude Hudelot

3 - Mariela Sancari, from the series Moisés
Presented by Erik Kessels

4 - Safaa Mazirh, “Sans titre”
Presented by Jean-Hubert Martin

5 - Thomas Sauvin, Until death do us part
Presented by Tatyana Franck

6 - Jan Van der Til, Book IV
Presented by Joachim Schmid

7 - Sebastián Mejía, Quasi Oasis
Presented by Alexis Fabry

8 - Jia Daitengfei, Love On The Assembly Line [流水线上的爱情]
Presented by Claude Hudelot

9 - George Georgiou, Last Stop
Presented by Martin Parr

10 - Yvonne Venegas, San Pedro Garza Garcia
Presented by Alexis Fabry

11 - Eamonn Doyle, Untitled [work in progress]
Presented by Martin Parr

12 - Works by Lucas Blalock
Presented by Joshua Chuang

13 - Cai Dongdong, Photographs of Awakening [照片的觉醒]
Presented by Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil

14 - Manon Wertenbroek, Fusion
Presented by Tatyana Franck

COLLECTIONS - René Burri, divers collages [sélection]
Presented by Mélanie Bétrisey

One Vision, many Sights

What else? Or rather, what is ELSE? The Musée de l’Elysée’s biannual review featuring previously unreleased portfolios, covering, sometimes even uncovering a variety of topics: a magazine with a vision that examines the constant reinvention of the photographic medium through its own actors: artists, collectors, and contemporary photographers.

“Any true gaze is a desire,” according to Alfred de Musset—a desire to discover, and to share. ELSE invited a group of experts to become the explorers, free spirits tasked with scouting the finest emerging artists across the world: the new editorial board now includes artists and curators Martin Parr, Joachim Schmid, and Erik Kessels, for Europe; Jean-Hubert Martin, curator and art historian, for Africa; Claude Hudelot, sinologist, historian, film director and curator, for Asia; Alexis Fabry, publisher and curator, for South America and Joshua Chuang, curator, for North America. They have agreed to share this great adventure with passion, and I am most grateful to them for their numerous and enhancing contributions to the magazine.

For its ninth issue, ELSE has been revamped and reasserts a strong editorial content: the magazine becomes a collectible review. And fitting to the Swiss cultural landscape, the new formula is now in three languages (French, English and German).

In resonance, the magazine is inserted in a leaflet dedicated to the Collections of the Musée de l’Elysée. In this issue, we wished to pay tribute to major Swiss photographer and long-time friend of the Museum, René Burri whom we sorely miss; but his images live on, and it is the role of our Museum to ensure that they continue to exist.

Pleasant reading, or rather, pleasant exploration!

Tatyana Franck, Editor in Chief
Director of the Musée de l’Elysée

Collections portfolio

Contributors for this issue:

Under the direction of Tatyana Franck, the international editorial board is composed by Martin Parr, Joachim Schmid, Erik Kessels, Claude Hudelot, Alexis Fabry, Joshua Chuang and Jean-Hubert Martin.

Mélanie Betrisey
Coordinator for the Estate René Burri. She joined the Musée de l’Elysée in February 2013. In addition to the archival and promotion of the Estate, she also curates exhibitions related to another Swiss photographer, Jean Mohr.

Bernard Milet
Director of the French Institute in Rabat, photography historian, critic, and curator, he was general delegate for the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles and associate Professor at the Université d’Aix- en-Provence.

Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil

Holly Roussell Perret-Gentil is an associate curator of photography and serves as coordinator for the worldwide travelling exhibitions program and photography prize, the Prix Elysée, for the Musée de l’Elysée. Recently, she co-curated with William A. Ewing, “Works in Progress: Photography in China 2015” for the Folkwang Museum in Essen and worked on the major 21st century survey of landscape photography, “Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography,” and the accompanying publication (Thames & Hudson, 2014).

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