ELSE #14


1- Nicolas Daubanes, « Cosa Mangiare »

Presented by Tatyana Franck

2- Nadim Asfar, « Photogrammes »
Presented by Tatyana Franck

3 - Ad Nuis, « Nuis-NL »
Presented by Martin Parr

4 - Pablo Hare, « Incautados »
Presented by Alexis Fabry

5 - Matthieu Lavanchy, « Studio Visit with Étienne Gros »
Presented by Erik Kessels

6 - Erik Kessels, « Button Beauties »
Presented by Erik Kessels

7 - Manfred Paul, « Weisser Teller – Hommage an August Kotzsch »
Collections du Musée de l’Elysée, Presented by Christelle Michel

8 - Anne Golaz, « Corbeau »
Presented by Pauline Martin

9 - Jiang Pengyi, « Dissolution »
Presented by Paul Frèches

10 - Simon Tanner, « I am not really confident, but I think »
Presented by Lars Willumeit

11 . Maurice Mbikayi, « Fashionable Addiction »
Presented by Jean-Hubert Martin


Marcelo Brodsky, « 1968, the Fire of Ideas »
Presented by Martin Parr


ELSE, magazine of the Musée de l’Elysée, invites you to a journey from the Orient with Nadim Asfar’s poetic photograms illuminated by the Lebanese sun, to the Extreme Orient through the very delicate series by Chinese photographer Jiang Pengyi. The Museum welcoming the full diversity of photography, the magazine also presents Marcelo Brodsky’s committed work bringing to life the 1968 social movements by drawing on black and white prints; and Pablo Hare’s, questioning the relationship between text and gesture by documenting publications that once belonged to a terrorist group in the 1960s.

ELSE introduces a dialogue between the still lifes of Manfred Paul, from the Museum’s collections, and those of Mathieu Lavanchy, while Ad Nuis’ quirky eye reveals some of the incongruity to be found in the daily lives of “ordinary” people. With humor and consideration, Nicolas Daubannes demonstrates the creativity of inmates who create cooking recipes with a limited range of ingredients. Maurice Mbikayi questions the impact of the digital era and new technologies on African societies and the deep changes generated in traditional societies. 

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