ELSE #10

Couverture : Emile Gavillet, Albums d'empreinte de fers à gaufres, collection iconographique vaudoise


1 - Surrealism by Ralph Smith
Presented by Erik Kessels

2 - Oliver Blobel, Amateure - Liebhaber der Fotografie
Presented by Martin Parr

3 - Niederhauser & Bonaventure, Kob-guéelé – Bleu comme le ciel
Presented by Tatyana Franck

4 - Hicham Benohoud, Acrobatie
Presented by Jean-Hubert Martin

5 - Johanna Calle, Polaroides dobles rayadas
Presented by Alexis Fabry

6 - Yan Jianshe, Le voyage de noces à Shanghai
Presented by Claude Hudelot

7 - Pepe López, Inventario sobre Caracas Cenital
Presented by Alexis Fabry

8 - Ivars Gravlejs, Early Works, My Teachers & Fight
Presented by Martin Parr

9 - Covered-up
Presented by Erik Kessels

10 - Owen Kydd
Presented by Joshua Chuang

11 - Robert E. Jackson, Selfies Vintage Collection
Presented by Arthur Brügger

Emile Gavillet, Albums d’empreintes de fers à gaufres
Collection iconographique vaudoise
Text by Gaspard Vignon et Sabrina Schwob

Humor and Reappropriation

“The healthiest form of lucidity is humor” according to Jacques Brel. The new issue of ELSE is indeed marked by irony: humor is exposed with Erik Kessels, melancholic in Ivars Gravlejs’s photographs, or again, tender with Oliver Blobel when he captures amateur photo clubs in Germany. While selfies have submerged social networks, a selection of anonymous self-portraits demonstrates that Narcissus might not have died drowned in his own reflection—had he owned a camera.

Released on the occasion of Paris Photo 2015, ELSE #10 also presents more conceptual work, notably with Owen Kydd and his mix of photography and film, or Pepe López and Johanna Calle, who both work on found images to sketch out the dark side of their country’s history—respectively Venezuela and Colombia. While Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup and Florine Bonaventure focuse on the geography of Burkina Faso, Yan Jianshe poignantly gazes at a romantic stroll through a gone-by China—under Deng Xiaoping’s ruling and eight years before the demonstrations on Tiananmen Square.

An independent platform for emerging photography, ELSE covers its tracks and mixes trends, orchestrating the editorial board’s selection of favorites. Funny, odd, serious, moving, eccentric, striking, ELSE covers the full gamut of photography.

Tatyana Franck, Editor in Chief
Director of the Musée de l’Elysée

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