ELSE #15


1 - Chris Killip
Presented by Martin Parr

2 - Valeria Cherchi
Presented by Lars Willumeit

3 - Paul Mc Donough
Presented by Joshua Chuang

4 - Ruslan Varabyou
 Presented by Erik Kessels

5 - Juan Enrique Bedoya
 Presented by Alexis Fabry

6 - Pan Yue
Presented by Claude Hudelot

7 - Portfolio des collections : Malick Sidibé
Presented by Jean-Hubert Martin

8 - Morvarid K
Presented by Nathalie Parienté

9 - Gabriele Basilico
Presented by Marc Donnadieu

10 - Sheila Zhao
Presented by Tatyana Franck



Michael Christopher Brown
Presented by Martin Parr




Celebrating its fifteenth issue this autumn and faithful to its ambition to confront perspectives, ELSE delivers a kaleidoscopic vision of our multiple and colorful world. Each portfolio presented here fea­tures an original series by a pho­tographer and their considerations of the banal and the quotidian.

Our acknowledgements to the photographers, the curators and the historians who, through their discoveries and keen eye, bring forth what could off-­hand seem quirky and disparate portfolios.

Once again, ELSE aspires to be an editorial platform that dissects the world, an echo to the obsessions and hatred of our times. ELSE never hesitates to share with its readers the violence of men, the propaganda, the failure of political utopia and the manipulation of images. Nor does it ever refrain from displaying its beauty, its sometimes­ strange encounters, and the smiles of that and those con­ tributing to its progress.

As we were saying: portfolios as a reflec­tion of reality.

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