Published in bilingual French/English by the Musée de l’Elysée and Scheidegger & Spiess, the exhibition catalogue reGeneration4. The Challenges for Photography and its Museum of Tomorrow examines current trends in international photography. It also ushers in a major debate about present and future perspectives not only for photography but also for the museum responsible for its conservation and promotion.

The catalogue contains four essays and 35 entries about the selected works. An introduction explains the particular role of this fourth edition in the reGeneration programme. The first essay by Pauline Martin, the exhibition’s co-curator, examines today’s challenges faced as much by artists as by the museum that supports them. The second essay by co-curator Lydia Dorner sheds light on the history and philosophy of the reGeneration programme; 215 artists have contributed to its success and vitality over the fifteen years of its existence. It also raises the question of travelling exhibitions in this virtual age and the technological breakthroughs that have redefined the fields of photographic and museum production since 2005. Special attention is also paid to the 35 projects selected for this fourth occasion, revealing page by page the wealth and variety of the 2020 edition. The foreword is written by Tatyana Franck, Director of the Musée de l’Elysée.

The catalogues published for the previous editions of reGeneration are now considered reference works in photographic circles.

reGeneration4. The Challenges for Photography and its Museum of Tomorrow

Edited by
Pauline Martin and Lydia Dorner, curators of the exhibition

With contributions by
Émilie Delcambre Hirsch, Lydia Dorner, Tatyana Franck, Pauline Martin, Emilie Schmutz, Lars Willumeit

The Musée de l'Elysée and Scheidegger and Spiess

22 × 30 cm
224 pages
164 images
Bilingual french/english
ISBN 978-3-85881-857-7
Selling price : 59 CHF / 58 EUR
Date of publication : June 5, 2020

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