Valentine Fournier

Since the year 2000, French artist Valentine Fournier develops a whole world of miniature art, choosing anonymous portraits from the years 1920-1950 as protagonists. The small frames series is dedicated to photobooth portraits. Valentine Fournier, inspired by the traditional children game in which numbered dots have to be connected in order to reveal a drawing, reproduces the silhouette of the portrayed characters according to the same technique. While the approach may seem somewhat playful, these codified drawings, as well as the typography, are references to the normative system of identity photography. These empty silhouettes made out of numbers contrast with the expressiveness of the original portraits, and seem to denounce the reductive nature of the identification mode imposed by the Registry Office. The titles given to the pieces, a first name followed by the number of dots necessary to reproduce the portrait, particularly reflects this tension. (Credit: Raymonde : 31 points © Valentine Fournier)