Svetlana Khachaturova

Russian artist Svetlana Khachaturova works in France and, in the last decade, has been carrying on a study on the representation of space. In her series Tessara and Fermata, she uses the photobooth to express the idea of the inner and the outer. From within the booth, she creates extramural landscapes by playing with the reflecting effects of a mirror. The series Fermata is a kind of self-portrait in which the captured image becomes an allegory of her inner state. Never revealing her face, the artist embraces the mirror, or places it before her chest, appropriating for herself the scenes represented and the different emotions generated by them, such as expectation, anonymity of urban life, or even cypresses, symbols of death and sadness. Svetlana Khachaturova appears as a hollow figure, and her silhouette is filled with landscapes. Her self-portraits remind us of the figures in Magritte’s works. (Credit: Série Tessera © Svetlana Khatchaturova)