Raynal Pellicer

[Translate to English:] While Roland Topor finds his inspiration in the sequencing qualities of the photobooth to create short fictive sketches, Raynal Pellicer’s series Portraits GIF materializes the inherent cinematographic qualities of the process. The French director, fascinated by the notion of photography without a photographer, authored one of the first books about the history of the photobooth. The machine also inspires him. Combining his professional talents with this passion, Pellicer transposes the vertical photobooth strip into a filmed sequence. The sequencing of the different recorded expressions brings the characters to life along the strip. Presented in small individual frames, the black and white figures seem ghostly effigies of the first generations of photobooths. The quality of the images is remarkable, and contributes to the tangible nature of the visual experience. These moving faces are particularly eloquent, as if they wanted to communicate with the beholder. (Credit: Portraits GIF © Raynal Pellicer)