Naomi Leibowitz

As part of her work on daily rituals, the American artist Naomi Leibowitz visits photobooths in New York and Chicago. Inserting a coin into the machine, she obtains photographs of the interior of the booths, displaying their austere and standardized nature: a cell made of walls with a curtain backdrop. Her project is a kind of typology of the curtain, the decor’s only changing element, reminder of the device’s different uses: neutral color schemes (white and grey) since these photobooths are meant to produce standardized portraits for identification papers; while color or even leopard-print curtains offer a more favorable setting to immortalize intimate and playful moments. Naomi Leibowitz sees the photobooth as an “archaic landmark for ephemeral photography.” Enlarging the photobooth strips to 180 x 40 cm, she turns the booth’s interior into a theater stage where the spectator waits for the curtain to rise. (Credit: Série Booth [Série Cabine] # 07 © Naomi Leibowitz)