Näkki Goranin

Available in the public space, the photobooth becomes an appropriate place to instinctively immortalize every wish and desire, kisses in particular, thanks to the curtain reaching to the ground. The machine guarantees a certain amount of secrecy, for it is the only witness to the scene, produces only one single print and no negative. The American artist Näkki Goranin has been collecting photobooth portraits for approximately fifteen years, and is greatly inspired by this technique in her work. In 2008, she revealed her important collection in the book American Photobooth, the first publication dedicated to photobooth portraits, in which she displays the very intimate character common to many of these, describing how users “were stripping off their clothes for the private photobooth camera.” And in the 1980s, the length of the curtain was halved, for security and moral reasons. (Credit: Couple with a Man with "inked-hand drawn" moustache [Couple avec un homme avec une moustache dessinée à l'encre] © Collection Näkki Goranin)