Jeff Grostern

As the grandson of the founder of Canada’s most important photobooth company, Auto-Photo Canada, Jeff Grostern was bathed in the universe of the photobooth ever since his birth. Created in 1950, Auto-Photo Canada is a family firm, so when his father George Grostern takes over the company in 1976, Jeff and his brothers serve as models for its advertising posters. The shootings last for several hours and their portraits are then advertized outside the hundreds booths disseminated throughout the country. Family portraits are also made during these sessions, and the booth becomes a playground for the children. When Jeff joins the company in 1993, he continues to serve as model for the new prototypes and now holds one of the most important collections of photobooth self-portraits, spanning over 40 years. (Credit: Série des autoportraits dans un photomaton avec sac en papier © Auto-Photo Canada, Ltd.)