Jared Bark

The American Artist Jared Bark adopted the photobooth as early as 1967, developing in the following decade an important and diversified body of work with this tool. Initially, his approach is sociological. In the early 1970s, he develops a kind of mixed portrait of the United-States, asking residents in approximately ten cities such as New York, Little Rock or Las Vegas, to go to their local photobooth. Just like Andy Warhol, he then sets up a photobooth in his own studio; Jared Bark is among the very first artists to explore the aesthetic qualities of the device. His geometrical compositions made out of carefully assembled photobooth strips introduce a new reading of the strip. By juxtaposing strips of individual images of different parts of his body or of his head, the artist creates a work both abstract and figurative, made of imaginary animals or figures. (Credit: Stick Man (Homme bâton) © droits réservés / Collection Centre Pompidou, dist. RMN / image Centre Pompidou)