Jan Wenzel

Born in 1972 in Leipzig, Jan Wenzel dedicates his entire artistic practice to the art of the photobooth. For the last twenty years, and much like David Hochney’s Polaroid compositions, Wenzel had created “tableaux” by juxtaposing vertical strips of photobooth images. He started working in a booth located in the Census Office of the city of Leipzig, and in 1998, finds an old out-of-order Fotofix booth that he repairs and sets up in his studio. Instant History is a kind of tribute to the artist’s working tool. The series is a set of individual “portraits” of the different components of the booth carefully propped up against a black drop. As suggested by its title, the project also involves a historic approach, as it includes parts specific to the conventional photobooths (such as the box containing the developing solution), today increasingly replaced by digital booths. (Credit: Ponge, Série Porträts [Série Portraits] © Courtesy of the artist et Kleinschmidt Fine Photographs)