Jacques-Henri Lartigue et Richard Avedon

Photobooths, disseminated at the heart of the public space, can sometimes offer us small instantaneous treasures, such as these unusual group portraits of two major figures of 20th century photography. In May 1968, Richard Avedon goes to Paris to work with Jacques-Henri Lartigue and Artistic Director for Harper’s Bazaar Bea Feitler, on Lartigue’s first photography book, Diary of the Century [Instants de ma Vie]. The photographer Henry Pessar spots a photobooth located avenue Victor Hugo, near Avedon’s hotel, and suggests that the cheerful team, joined by Lartigue’s companion, Florette, make a group shoot in the booth. The space is unfortunately too small for Pessar to join in. So he stood aside to immortalize the scene from the outside. (Credit: "Photomaton Avedon-Bea-Florette-Moi Photographie J H Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture - France / AAJHL / Henry Pessar'')