Hansjürg Buchmeier

Born in 1953, Hansjürg Buchmeier grew up with the black and white analog photobooth. On December 28, 2006, he pays tribute to this device, slowly replaced by digital machines. Allerletze Fotos [Ultimate Images] is a performance done by the artist during the dismantling of the last analog booth in Central Switzerland. The video shows the artist covering his face and hair with white paint until his face is completely covered. While Buchmeier’s performance is an allegory of the suppression of the analog photobooth, his gradual disappearance, a fleeting and metaphysical trace of the artist, is an echo to German romanticism. The artist makes himself up, wears a mask that makes him disappear. This portrait, faithful to the aesthetic standards of the photobooth, seems to be a reminder of the fact that while searching for one’s identity with others, one also contemplates loosing a little of oneself. (Credit: Allerletzte Fotos (Very Last Pictures) [Ultimes Photographies] © Hansjürg Buchmeier)