Dick Jewell

British artist Dick Jewell has been interested in photobooth photography since 1968. He collected abandoned images around photobooths in Brighton and London for ten years. His collection has a distinctive feature due to the format of the prints, characteristic of the period: the strip format had been abandoned in favor or a square print because it offered more options (either four small photographs or a big one). In 1978, Jewell self-publishes the book Found Photos, the very first publication dedicated to anonymous photobooth images. Each page of this precious little book, illustrated with an item of his collection, tells the story of the sometimes-defective technique, and is also a historical testimony of this social practice. The book’s success, reedited in 1981, announces the growing interest for vernacular photography. That same year, Dick Jewell exhibits his collection, presenting the original photobooth prints carefully lined up in frames.  (Credit: Found Photos Pages 1-46 (minus Page 14) (Photos trouvées pages 1-46 sauf page 14)© Courtesy Rachmaninoff’s, London and the artist)