Daniel Minnick

Because of its mechanical, repetitive, standardized nature, the photobooth is often compared to an industrial production mode, annihilating all creativity. The American artist Daniel Minnick is particularly interested in these limitations of the device. He creates a fictive world by playing with the constraints of the process. He is also inspired by the aesthetic of the photobooth strip that he describes as a “by-product that seems to build upon repetitive symbols, similar to those of dreams, to create a counter-narrative.” In his series Chemicals Splashed Photobooth Strips, a series of photobooth strips chemically manipulated, Minnick explores the materiality of the material. By favoring chance and accidents, he obtains various effects and reveals the richness of their texture. These abstract compositions prove that these malfunctions can be quite surprising, unveiling a form of unexpected poetry. (Credit: Chemical Photo Booth Strip Collection (#10) (Collection de bandes photomaton avc éclaboussures chimiques) © Daniel Minnick)