Collectors of Photobooth Portraits

Photobooths portraits have recently become collectibles. These portraits, denied, damaged, lost, forgotten, are today avidly sought-for; and the collections of Michel Folco and Joachim Schmid testify of this new development. The passion often begins with a strip found by chance, and quickly turns into a compulsive quest. Michel Folco used to go every day to the booth located in Lyon train station, and then bought himself a Solex in order to expand the territory of his search. The collection of Joachim Schmid has an international profile. These abandoned photobooth portraits are carefully pieced together and preserved. Collectors, who specify the location, date, and even the time of their discovery, give them a new identity. Moreover, their careful presentation reveals the precious nature of these small bits of existence. Joachim Schmid creates compositions on cardboard. Michel Folco classifies them by theme in an album, a source of inspiration for the movie Amélie Poulain. (Credit: Album de photomatons anonymes © Michel Folco)