Anne Deleporte

Produced in 1991, Anne Deleporte’s series ID Stack presents yet another type of photobooth portraits collection. Over the span of a year, the French artist accumulates the margins of ID portraits that have been cut out to fit on official documents. These mutilated prints, destined to the bin, still carry the trace of a presence. The hollowed out frames are particularly eloquent and bear strong individuality. Through an intricate play of superposition, Anne Deleporte manages to bring out the index feature of the peripheral details, regarded as useless by official identification services. These faceless figures are distinguishable by the poises of the heads, clothing, presence or absence of hair locks or accessories, such as jewels or scarves. Compiling these hollowed faces, Anne Deleporte creates a kind of three-dimensional portrait of a fictive character, open to any interpretation. (Credit: I.D. Stack # 6 [Pile d'identités n°6] © Anne Deleporte)