Amanda Tetrault

Canadian artist Amanda Tetrault uses the photobooth to maintain a relationship with her father who, suffering from schizophrenia, has become marginal and homeless. Fascinated by the photobooth portraits that her mother had saved of her and her father in happy times, Amanda attempts to revive and perpetuate this ritual with her father. Isolated inside the booth, away from society’s look, Amanda can freely develop that link with her father. This intimate and closed-in space becomes a privileged place to immortalize their meetings and express their respective emotional states. The photobooth is also a means to preserve the link between past and present. Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1975, her father has also used the photobooth himself at the beginning of his illness as reminder of his different mental stages. Designing a kaleidoscope made out of various portraits, Amanda Tretault offers a moving visual testimony of this man’s life and of his links to his close ones. (Credit: Phil and Me - Booth Picture Panel [Phil et Moi. Panneau de portraits photomaton]© Amanda Tetrault
© Amanda Tetrault