Alain Baczynsky

In 1979, at 26 years old, the Israeli artist of Belgian origin Alain Baczynsky started consulting a psychoanalyst several times a week in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, and did so for nearly three years. After a few weeks, as though the verbal elaboration process was not quite enough for him, Baczynsky, being primarily a man of images, feels an urge to do a self-portrait after each appointment. Like the Surrealists, he believes in the power of automatism and uses the photobooth as a “visual psychoanalytical process.” He thus goes to the closest photobooth after each appointment, and isolated inside the booth, reenacts the session before writing his commentaries on the back of the print. Despite the limited space, he develops a body language, inserting different parts of his body in the frame so as to confer more expressiveness to his self-portraits. When he suddenly interrupts his analysis in July 1981, Baczynskzy has gathered an extraordinary collection of 242 self-portraits. (Credit: Regardez, il va peut-être se passer quelque chose... © droits réservés / Collection Centre Pompidou, dist. RMN / image Centre Pompidou )